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With years of experience working for and with nonprofit organizations, Warren Campbell is well-equipped to provide comprehensive database consulting services.
In addition to providing database expertise, Warren earned a M.S. in Organization Development providing him a strong background in organization theory and practice, laying the foundation for delivering successful meeting facilitation engagements and planning/facilitating staff retreats.


  • Comprehensive needs assessments

  • Product search and procurement

  • Assessments/audits for existing systems

  • Project plans for optimizing systems

  • Database cleanup/streamlining services

  • Interim database administration services and operations staff candidate interviews/evaluations

  • Process improvement projects

  • User manuals (outlines or more)

  • Training Design and Delivery




  • Knowledge of effective meeting designs

  • Meeting planning and design for any size group

  • Meeting outcomes coaching and advisory services

  • Meeting planning in partnership with client/internal committee

  • Meeting facilitation or co-facilitation services

  • Meeting evaluation services



  • Retreat planning for any-sized group

  • Retreat design to fit client expressed needs, including group-based strategic planning, goal-setting, team building, conflict resolution, skill-building, and more.

  • Retreat facilitation or co-facilitation services

  • Retreat evaluation services


“I love Warren's creative energy and have leveraged his abilities both as a database consultant and meeting/retreat facilitator. I think what sets him apart is his ability to connect, meaningfully, with staff and work teams. He is an asset to any project."

Carol Zimmerman Ossi

(Former) Senior Director

American Red Cross

(now Georgetown University)

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