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Campbell Consulting has worked with over 60 nonprofit organizations, including some listed below. Clients include organizations from Arts (Visual and Performing), Education & Research, Environment, Food Banks, Health & Human Services, Preservation, Science, and Youth Development. Contact Warren for a complete list of clients or for client references.

“Warren helped me with critical process improvement projects in 2009 and 2010. In 2011, I hired him to help me lead a 4-year organization-wide database consolidation project. Throughout the initiative, Warren played many roles in the planning and implementation phases, all of which contributed to a very successful project."








“I met Warren in 2006, when I started working at American Red Cross. We immediately bonded and worked on a variety of projects, including partnering on database projects and planning a full-day staff retreat. In a twist of fate, I took a senior leadership position in 2010 at National Geographic Society, a former employer of Warren's, and hired him to help me with database strategy and training. I believe our strong partnership is one big reason for our collective success."






Linda Sheaffer, MBA

(Former) Senior Director

American Red Cross

Ann H. Maier, CFRE

VP Operations

National Geographic Society

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